Biodegradable Bamboo Diapers Product Serie

❤ A little change for the diaper, a little change for the world❤🍃 Reduce 30% Plastic Waste🍃

ECO BOOM Bamboo Diapers

ECO BOOM Bamboo Baby Wipes

ECO BOOM Bamboo Diaper Pants

ECO BOOM Bamboo Toilet Paper

ECO Bamboo Diapers Protects Your Baby

. Bamboo diapers topsheet is good for sensitive butt.
. Pure white design without any print ink. 
. 360° elastic waist area is flexible yet durable. 
. High absorbency for daily activities. 
. Multiple bamboo diapers product series for different usage scenario. 

ECO BOOM Protects the World.

ECO BOOM are available in the USA, UK, Australia, etc. and by using 100% bamboo nonwoven natural materials we make a baby diaper that is biodegradable in just 75 days. Combined with naturally biodegradable side elastic ECO BOOM bamboo diapers, pants and childrens wipes are durable,absorbent and are the world's most sustainable children's products.

Except for love. We also have the following certifications

. SGS certified 61% biodegradability rate of 75 days.
. Bamboo used on both topsheet and backsheet to reduce plastic waste by 30%. 
. No chlorine elements used during bamboo diapers production.
. Outer polybag and carton box are fully biodegradable.
. Only use FSC certified pulp and tissue for sustainable development.