ECO BOOM Bamboo Biodegradable diapers eco friendly for Baby Super Soft Organic Size 4 L 70 Count Pack
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  • Wetness indictor
  • Back waistband
    With waist band
  • Featured
    100% biodegradable
  • Absorbent layer
    Fulff pulp and S.A.P
  • Material
    Non Woven Fabric
  • Package
    D2W ploybag
  • Topsheet and backsheet
    100% bamboo fiber
  • Side tape
    Big elastic magic side tapes
  • Absorbent Core
    Absorbent Core ECF Fluff pulp mixed with SAP
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ECO BOOM bamboo organic sofness disposable diapers wholesale

ECO BOOM Disposable Bamboo Baby Diapers

  • ☘️ 100% bamboo fiber top sheet: ECO BOOM bamboo nappies top sheet are made of non-woven bamboo fabric with FSC certification, which is completely biodegradable. Super soft surface ensures your baby's comfort.
  • ☘️ Super absorption core: ECO BOOM bamboo nappies adopt German high quality and high absorption material, which has excellent absorption performance, can lock the moisture and keep the surface dry.
  • ☘️ 100% natural bamboo back sheet: 100% bamboo fiber nonwoven back sheet makes it biodegradable. ECO BOOM nappies have super breathable and allows internal air circulation to keep the buttocks dry.
  • ☘️ Triple elastic eartips: Super flexible to ensure that your baby's waist is not too tight. Velcro tape material can also avoid cuts from the baby's tender skin. ECO BOOM nappies provide better fit and comfort for active babies.
  • ☘️  Chemical-free: ECO BOOM nappies Use TCF (Total Chlorine Free) pulp, which is the most advanced chlorine-free bleaching process. The adhesives and glue inside the diapers do not contain fluorescent agents. Natural aloe oil is added to the surface of the diaper to protect and nourish the baby's skin.

      ECO BOOM Disposable Bamboo Baby Diapers

100% biodegradable bamboo fiber                                         use biodegradable materials, no latex                                D2W biodegradable polybag  reduces
 topsheet & backsheet                                                                           PVC,TBT or antioxidants                                                    plastic type

super elastic stretch side ear panel                                         pure white design without any point oil                             FSC certified chlorine free wood pulp

                       ECO BOOM Brand Support

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 6-16lbs(3-8kg)13-22lbs(6-10kg)20-31lbs(9-14kg)26+lbs(12kg above)
90pcs74pcs70pcs 62pcs

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